Wait, what? Someone used a QR code correctly? (or, How to Rock a QR Code)

sfsu food trucks - postcard size

postcard-size advertisement for SFSU food trucks

Behold! The ever-elusive specimen of smart QR code use in its native environment!

So there’s lots of talk about QR codes from me lately, eh? Some people have already written them off as useless, some people love them, and some people apparently love to hate them.

Like a lot of people, it took me a while to understand what they are and how to use them, but now I’m impressed with QR codes’ potential for quickly linking the tangible with the digital. But as we are all painfully aware Read the rest of this entry »

QR codes – on the way up or DOA?

Cc-bc-sa-icons-qr-codeThis morning, I took an informal poll of one person about a topic I’m curious about lately — QR codes!

The methodology:

I asked a friend, “You know what QR codes are, right?”

The results: Read the rest of this entry »