Four li’l nuggets of truth no one really tells you about going back to college

Books aren’t the only thing you’re going to be exposed to at school.

Thinking about going back to school to finish your degree?  Maybe you have a soon-to-be student in your life and you’re wondering how things have changed since you went to college? Read the rest of this entry »

Virgin America — a lesson from a brand that knows how to engage

information about baggage requirements at LAX a few years back

Virgin America  — what a brand!  I have been pretty much obsessed with them ever since they first started flying out of SFO in 2007.

There is a lot to love — the gleaming Airbuses decked out in red and white livery, the mod white interiors, not to mention the gorgeous ads and cooler-than-Kenneth-Cole communications.

Virgin America has grown into a carefully crafted brand selling an experience just as much as it sells transportation. It feels like flying with Virgin America is embarking on an experience with like-minded people going to similar places to do similar COOL things. Read the rest of this entry »