The Meat of the Matter: A Neo-Aristotelian Analysis of Lady Gaga’s “The Prime Rib of America” Address

Watch the address here.

Michael J. Fox wants you to think about stem cells. Scarlett Johansson is all about Obama. Pam Anderson gets naked for PETA. If there is a malady or an injustice, Bono has spoken to someone somewhere about it – and posed for a picture to prove it. Just by looking at a list of celebrities who engage in activism, it might seem that a prerequisite for celebrity is a burning passion for a pressing issue. Read the rest of this entry »

Creativity + Business Sense = $$$$

In catching up with my RSS feed this morning, I read a great blog post by Kellie Sheehan on B2B Bliss relating traits of Top Chef contestants to the PR world. Just the sort of creative and thought-provoking post that I love! I adore drawing insight from a comparison of two seemingly unrelated things. Read the rest of this entry »

“That’s all I ever really learned in college” – CCSF edition

Yesterday morning I checked the San Francisco State University web site to see if my admission status had been updated and found some great news — my status changed from APPLICANT to ADMITTED!  Certainly a nice surprise!  Hooray!  Who would have thought even just three years ago that I would be ready to transfer back into a four-year university by now? Read the rest of this entry »