Bad Blogger!

Oh my.  Time certainly has flown since I contributed here last!  <<nervous laugh>>  It’s disturbing to realize that I have neglected this blog completely for so long.  My intentions were noble and altruistic — I really did set out to illuminate the process of going back to school as a non-traditional student so that others might find it less mystifying. But of course, I ended up grandstanding a little bit and then disappearing. Classic!

Well, I am back! Let’s see if we can catch up and move forward.

It has been a great couple of years!  I have done a lot of work over at City College and I have applied to transfer to San Francisco State University in Spring 2012.  My application is still pending at this moment!  Isn’t that great drama for hooking readers?  Leave for a year and a half and come back with a cliffhanger? He he…

But really.  I have learned so much in the past three semesters at City College. What fascinating classes I have taken!  What wondrous goals I have achieved!  What momentous things I have realized about myself! And the checklist of completed classes still shocks me — I have finished Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, English requirements and public speaking requirements, and I finally got into that silly MATH 860 class  — in my third semester.  I finally took a swimming class and am able to breathe on both sides while doing freestyle and can even execute a good flip-turn now and again!  Physical goals are always good in addition to intellectual ones. And really, at least from the perspective of Grumpy Old Dwayne working 9-to-5 and frowning on school as an unnecessary formality, the fact that I am on this track is astounding in its own right.

This semester, I’m studying Rhetorical Criticism, Business Math (calculus??? Ohhh, you cruel jerks!!!!), statistics (insert standard student groaning here), Introduction to Psychology, and also Intermediate Swimming and a wee Beginning Yoga class. Like I said, physical goals are nice and motivating.

Also in the past few months I have tiptoed into the world of industry blogs and have been voraciously reading up on trends in marketing and public relations.

Beyond that, I have also had to take up ….. w-…… w-…… w-……work, darling. It’s true!  I know, it’s horrible! I am working a structured part-time job and going to school at the same time. This will only be the second week of the new, tough 7-days-a-week schedule after a summer of just working full-time, but I’m feeling energized for now, at least.

Speaking of work — and my choice of career in public relations or marketing communications — it is absolutely time to start looking for a quality internship.  I’m quite sure that careful attention to that process will decrease likelihood of disappointing experiences after graduation, if you know what I mean. My big decision for now is about which way to head in public relations — international agency or smaller office?  Of course, internships will be a great way to answer that question.

So!  I’m back.  I’m likely going to explore rebranding this blog as simply a personal blog with a  bent toward cultural analysis, autobiographical analysis and just sharing experiences. I am mulling over the idea of starting a professional blog to cover public relations and marketing topics as well.  But no hard and fast plans yet, so those topics may come up here.

If there is anything you would like to hear about, certainly let me know!

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