Answers are useless if you don’t know the questions

students, skateboards, and cumulus clouds on a warm winter day

I have been in school for almost 6 1/2 weeks now!  I’ve made new acquaintances, realized that I’m smart, realized that I’m stupid, and realized that I’m ornery. I’ve felt old, I’ve felt young again.  I’ve relaxed in my element and flopped like a fish out of water.  But all with grace and poise, which is how we (try to) do things around here.

I’ve written a paper, taken several “quizzes”, and taken two midterms.  And so far, I have great grades!

One lesson I have learned is that professors are certainly not infallible.  Take for example, my Economics midterm.  I studied rather hard for that exam, only to be confronted with a multiple choice midterm with missing words and punctuation so that questions could read multiple ways.  And I admit, I didn’t have the heart (or guts) to ask the guy what the heck he meant.  I just did my best by picking the most rational answer with regard to the key words.  That was probably a mistake — I’ll find out Thursday.  One midterm grade gets dropped, so if I have to cut my loss on this one, that’s okay.

Conversely, I breezed through my PSYCH midterm — and scored one of only 4 As in the class!  (Questions were clear.)

Another lesson deals with group work.  Oh my.  You can never guarantee that your group members are going to pull through and perform at your level, and it *will* affect your grade.  That is obviously a lesson with implications in the “real world” as well, when we deal with hands-off managers who then take credit for our work, etc.

Being in school has also positioned me to connect with like minds who are also in school, to talk about school with.  All school all the time.  School?  Who’s in school?  Bonus!

I am already thinking about plans for the summer, even though it’s months away.  I know how this works, though…I’ve probably already missed application deadlines.  Tee hee.  What to do?  Teach English as a Second Language (ESL) abroad?  Kick around SF and drink beer in the Sunset all summer?  Find a fun public relations internship or job?  Be a supervolunteer at Healing Waters?

Of course I am always looking for work in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the California Employment Development Department.  On that front, I completed my interview with them and they extended my benefits through May since I’m in a “training program.”  The interview really just focused on whether or not I am available during the day — which I am, owing to mostly night classes and a couple of nighttime classes.  She instructed me to only take nighttime classes next semester.

She was like, “What if you find work in Fremont and have to commute back to the City for your lunch-time class?”

“……..I’m sorry…where!?”  LOL  That’s what I wanted to say.

But I told her I would withdraw from a problem class if I find a full-time job.

Also of note — it’s March, and it’s my birthday month, bitchez!  Guess who’s turning 24 in two weeks!  Oh, I meant … to type 34.  Spring break falls at the end of the month a couple of weeks after my birthday, but I’m heading down to LA and the desert for relaxation and maybe even another taping of Chelsea Lately.  As long as Brody doesn’t harass me for my “fake laugh” again.  Sigh.

One Comment on “Answers are useless if you don’t know the questions”

  1. D Rob says:

    Glad to hear about the EDD stuff. I didn’t know you saw a live Lately taping — we’ll have to have pre-show cocktails at the Tonga next week so you can tell me all about it.


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