Ooooo, you mean I have to turn things in for a grade?

A CCSF classroom before my PSYCH class. Check out blonde girl in front row. LOL

President’s Day Weekend is drawing to a close, and I’m getting ready to head back to class tomorrow.  It was absolutely *delicious* to get a 4-day weekend!  Reminded me of last year, when day after day would pass and I had absolutely no obligations.  Of course, this time I had research to do and a grant to submit.

In my English class we are getting ready to do our first essay.  It’s a “logical argument”…as in there’s an issue statement and position statement, with evidence to back up the position.  We’re in groups and we’re going very slowly.  The class is focusing on culture, and specifically the concept “authenticity” for the time being, so my group wanted to do authenticity in the food supply.  As in, a couple of people had recently seen “Food, Inc.” and were eager to translate that film into our presentation.  I was on board at first, but then I noticed that our discussions were bouncing around on several issues and several positions.  We needed to focus.  We ended up settling on Foster Farms’ chicken — are their marketing claims authentic? It turned out even that was too tough to settle into.  So we changed to Coca-Cola/Glaceau’s Vitaminwater and the authenticity of the claims they make in their marketing.  You know, whether the “nutrients” they are enriching their drinks with are actually capable of functioning the way the company says they do.  If you remember, the Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a lawsuit against parent company Coca-Cola for what it calls deceptive and unsubstantiated claims.  So I had to dig up information about that over the weekend.  THANK YOU, SF PUBLIC LIBRARY, I LOVE YOU!

So perhaps you intimated from the paragraph above — not only am I getting practice in clear writing again, I’m getting practice in working in a group.  And let me tell you.  It’s t-t-t-t-TRIGGERING!!!!  I do not like confrontation.  I do not like compromising when I feel strongly that I’m right.  I don’t enjoy being the person who seems to be throwing up roadblock after roadblock to avoid allowing a lack of focus to maroon a project.  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of successfully performing any of the aforementioned tasks.  Aside from the pounding heart and flushed face, I think I do them rather well.  I just don’t like it!

Also… so much PROCESSING in class discussions.  Everyone has to have their say, and many times they take forever to deliver it.   Many times I think, “you know what?  Your story about your cat is not going to get me an A on this paper next week, pal.  Save it for your therapist!”  Maybe that’s why I am loving Kelly Cutrone these days — she may come off as harsh, but she knows what needs to happen to get her job done and she is not afraid to shut down dithering.  There is plenty of east coast Type-A in me, for sure.

I sound like I don’t care about anyone else — not the case.  I do enjoy hearing about varied experiences from varied perspectives.  That’s possibly one of the more valuable things about the classroom.  But…off-point is off-point.

Meanwhile, in acting class, we are working on our first scenes.  It’s actually rather challenging.  It’s not a nice clean set of lines… it goes like this:

A.  Oh

B. What

A. I’m sorry

B. There isn’t much time is there

A. Please…

…and so on.  So basically we are tasked with creating the story around the lines.  Fun!  But challenging.

I am totally loving my economics class.  Fascinating.  I understand supply and demand curves and how they interact now.  Never thought I would know that!

So all is well in CCSFville for the moment!  I still need to get my backstory up on here — how I decided to go back to school, how many hoops there are to jump through, but how they’re all worth it…

Peace out people!

3 Comments on “Ooooo, you mean I have to turn things in for a grade?”

  1. great post dwayne! I often wonder how much different my college experience would be for me as a 31 yr old rather than being 18.. I’m inclined to think– you’ll get so much more fulfillment and retain so much more out of this experience than when I was an undergrad. I am a tad bit envious you get to go back to that world!! I loved school! but I really was unfocused, and just learned things just long enough to be tested on them, then dumped the info– I feel I retained very little! Very unsettling!!

    group work: big thumbs down for me!! I’d much rather do things myself.. other people drive me batty! I have empathy for you there!!

    take care and keep blogging! I know you’ll be busy with school, but I love reading your posts!



    • dalicie says:

      I’m sorry I haven’t been attending to my blog properly! But…with regard to the group project thing — yargh. We even had to fill out peer evaluations! Grr. Obviously I gave everyone high marks because, come on. No one screwed the group over too hard. Although one guy’s failure to follow instructions in his section got us a B+ instead of an A. : / The questionnaire was qualified, though, “did the member perform to the best of his or her ability?” LOL!!!


  2. Jennifer says:

    LOL I recommend you just come up with a system for coping with group projects that you can live with and implement as needed. Just get into groups with people to whom you believe the grade matters more than it does to you. Whatever you do, don’t actually try to get anything out of it — it’s futile, and you will just be frustrated.

    My advice: Sit back, shut up, do what’s asked of you, and get through it. You don’t have to be right to everyone all the time, sometimes it’s just not worth it.

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